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Historic Resources of Highland

Thematic Nomination and Multiple Property Documentation
National Register of Historic Places

Doniphan County

This MPDF discusses the development of Highland, Kansas, from 1857 to 1975. The town has a rich history linked to early settlement in the Kansas Territory, development of the oldest college in Kansas and stable growth of an economic and social center for the surrounding rural countryside. Highland has grown gradually since its founding in 1857 and never experienced a sudden expansion in development, population or construction. Highland University, a source of civic pride, has remained quite small for most of its history and has not contributed significantly to the number of local residents. The railroad came to Highland late--in 1908--long after it led to rapid development in other Kansas towns. The town's built environment consists of a collection of buildings that reflect its gradual growth, including commercial, residential, educational, civic and religious structures. Today Highland has a population of just fewer than 1,000 citizens on the town?s original 320 acre-site.


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