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African American Resources in Wichita, KS

Thematic Nomination and Multiple Property Documentation
National Register of Historic Places

Sedgwick County

This multiple property document provides a context for understanding the conditions that encouraged, hindered, or were associated with African Americans in Wichita, as well as a basis for evaluating those physical historic resources that resulted from these activities and associations. The document covers three major historic themes of African American history in Wichita. The development of the African American community is discussed using population statistics and residential development patterns while focusing on important community institutions, such as churches, fraternal organizations, and businesses. A second theme involves African American elementary and secondary education and explores the significance of local and state desegregation efforts. The third theme covers the mid-twentieth century story of civil rights activities in Wichita giving particular attention to local NAACP efforts and leaders, such as Chester I. Lewis, Jr. and Vivian Parks, and the 1958 student-led sit-ins at Dockum?s Drug Store.


Associated Properties