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Barn Rehabilitation Videos

In June 2010, the Kansas Barn Alliance hosted a five-day barn repair workshop in Doniphan County funded in part by a Historic Preservation Fund grant from the Kansas Historical Society.  The event was held in cooperation with Trillium Dell Timberworks, the Certified Local Government of Doniphan County, and the Staudenmaier Family Trust.

The Nicholas Bohr Barn, also known as the Joseph Staudenmaier Barn, served as the subject barn for the workshop.  This barn was listed in the National Register of Historic Places on May 7, 1987 as part of the Byre and Bluff Barns of Doniphan County multiple property nomination.

Constructed c. 1879, the red board-and-batten barn’s shallow foundation was crumbling; termites had weakened some of the vertical posts, and the siding had deteriorated.  Six men enrolled in the workshop to learn how to repair these problems common to many mid-western barns.  Their work was recorded by videographer, Ron Frank in this three-video series.