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From Far Away Russia - Introduction

Gottfried Schuvie dressed in the traditional Volga German clothing, ca. 1910Russian-Germans in Kansas

Thousands of people left Russia for Kansas in the 1870s. These folk actually had closer ties to Germany than to Russia.  They had left Germany a century earlier and settled in close-knit communities in Russia where they kept their customs and language intact.

From Far Away Russia is an online exhibit addressing the story of the Russian-Germans in Kansas. It was developed by the Kansas Museum of History.

This tour is divided into six sections plus a timeline. Select the first link below to embark on your exhibit tour, or visit them in any order.

  1. Introduction
  2. Lured to Kansas by Railroads
  3. Early Years in Kansas
  4. Growing Wheat
  5. German Customs With a Russian Flavor
  6. A Profound Faith