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Game Faces - Part 1

Exhibit logoIntroduction

We've all heard the adage, "There's no 'I' in 'Team.'"

Sports bring us together for more than the kick-off or the first pitch. 

Whether you're on the field or in the stands, you're a part of the hometown team.  People gather to watch an athletic contest, but they keep coming back for the camaraderie.

Sports History Was Made Today

History is more than just ancient events.  It is anything that happened in the past, whether 100 minutes or 100 years ago.  Both the 1912 Topeka Base Ball Club and the 2006 Waverly High School football team are part of our history.

Sports have always been an important part of our state’s history.  In this photo the 1912 Topeka Base Ball Club has "new members" thanks to computer technology.

Topeka Base Ball Club from 1912, interspersed with modern sports players.

From left:

  • Justin Purtee and Chris White-Ready play basketball for Topeka High School.
  • Jayna Castro competes in track and field for Washburn Rural High School.
  • Matt Coursen is a running back for Waverly High School.
  • Jeanne Anderson is a barrel racer from White City.  Her pink shirt supports "Tough Enough to Wear Pink" rodeo events promoting breast cancer research.


Game Faces: Kansans in Sports is an online exhibit developed by the Kansas Museum of History.

  1. Introduction - There's no "I" in "Team"
  2. Our Town - Cheering on the home team
  3. Our Team - Fan is short for fanatic
  4. Our World - Sports make the world a little smaller
  5. Our Traditions - Some games reinforce our roots
  6. Our Friends - Socializing can be as important as competition

Audio Tour

Listen to the curators' Game Faces audio tour online or download it to your mp3 player!

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