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Harvest Tales - Rice County 01

Harvest stories submitted by Kansans for the online exhibit, Wheat People.
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Doug Keesling

All Farms are Corporate Farms

All farms are corporate farms if they have the attitude that they are in serious business. It's an attitude more than anything. If you are the owner of your filling station in town, you are a corporate business, . . . you're in this to make a living, and that's the same on a farm. We have a lot of traditions . . . that are passed down with the family farm that sometimes tend to make us think that this is not a true business, but it is a business first.

It is a way of life also, and sometimes we get those emotions confused, and we do things not because it's a business but because of tradition. . . . Anytime you use "corporation," it has negative innuendos about it, and there are a lot of good people that are incorporated . . . that have no intention of being a large-scale corporation. Basically, it's the same definition of a family farm. . . . There's not as much differentiation between a corporate farm and a family farm as what most people think.

"Harvest Tales" is part of the online exhibit, Wheat People:  Celebrating Kansas Harvest.