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Kansas Historical Society - Education Division




Administrative division of the Kansas State Historical Society responsible for facilitating public understanding and appreciation of Kansas’ history and culture through the dissemination of information.

Subject Files are synopses of rough drafts and final copies of articles submitted for the society’s scholarly journal, Kansas History, including correspondence between the author and the various editors. The Book Reviews folders within the Subject Files include the review by an editor as well as any pertinent transfer agreements between the author and the State Historical Society. Subject Files : Training Manuals describes various artifacts and how to interpret them for the intended audience. The Traveling Trunks Program ships trunks containing reproduction museum objects in an effort to bring Kansas history alive for grade or high school students. The Evaluations portion of the Traveling Trunk Files consists of response forms used to determine if the society met the users’ expectations. The Inquiries folder has correspondence, comments, criticisms and compliments dealing with brochures, tapes, or trunks requests.


1983 – 1999


5 boxes (5 ft.)


Kansas State Historical Society. Education and Outreach Division.


Kansas State Historical Society Education and Outreach Division records
Education and Outreach Division records


Forms subgroup 3 of: records of the Kansas State Historical Society, record group 288. Consult the “Detailed Description of the Collection,” section 8, below, for locations and folder numbers of individual components.
Address: 104-09-06-01 thru 104-09-06-05


This finding aid describes materials held by the Kansas State Historical Society as part of the holdings of the State archives. Materials may be used in the Research Room in the society’s Center for Historical Research during regular research hours. Support for telephone, mail, and online reference and research is limited.

In a continuing effort to improve the completeness and accuracy of finding aids, revisions are made as more or new information becomes available. Consequently, this finding aid may differ slightly from what appears on the Kansas State Historical Society’s web site.

Descriptions are often based on a preliminary inspection of the material. As such, they may contain misspellings or other inaccuracies based on folder headings and other sources within the materials. As the collections are arranged and as time permits, these finding aids are improved and corrected. If you spot an error, please feel free to report it to the reference staff or an archivist.

At the present time, this is a partial inventory of the records of the Kansas State Historical Society’s Education and Outreach Division in the State archives. As more of the division’s records are arranged and described, additions and revisions will be made to this finding aid.


Kansas State Historical Society (Topeka)


In May of 1991, Jennie Chinn was named director of the newly formed Education and Outreach Division of the Kansas State Historical Society. The new division merged the folk life and Museum Education divisions from the Museum Department and the former Publications Department that included public information activities.

The mission of the Division is to facilitate public understanding and appreciation of Kansas’ history and culture through the dissemination of information. It is the charge of the Division to research, interpret, and spread, through public programs, issues of Kansas’ history and culture including the cultural diversity of the state.

Scope and Content

The Education and Outreach Division is part of the Kansas State Historical Society, a state agency supplemented by a membership organization. Both are devoted to preserving and interpreting the past and making history available to residents and visitors of all ages. In the course of performing its regular professional activities, records are created and are subject to the retention and disposition schedule put forth and agreed upon by the State Records Board. Any records deemed to be historically significant have been transferred to the Archives for processing and made available to the public for research purposes.

The Traveling Trunks program was set up in an effort to make Kansas’ history available for those who found it difficult to travel to the state capital of Topeka and view the Museum and its artifacts in person. The trunks are shipped to whomever wishes to use their contents in an effort to bring Kansas history alive for students at the grade school through high school level, inclusive. The trunks are set up of a subject basis. Examples are the Volga German or Mexican trunks that include articles felt to be typical of that ethnic group’s life in Kansas.

The society publishes a scholarly journal entitled Kansas History as well in an effort to disseminate the state’s heritage to a wider audience. Some of the articles are found in these records in a draft form with accompanying comments from Kansas History editors as well as the authors or editors of the pieces involved.

The Subject Files are primarily a synopsis of rough drafts and final copies of articles submitted for Kansas History. Often included is correspondence between the author and the various editors. Comments for improvement are also found in these folders. The author or editor’s name identifies the folder. The season and year on the folder’s tab identifies each issue of the magazine, for example “Winter 1993.”

The Book Reviews folders within the Subject Files include both the actual monographs’ reviews by editors as well as any pertinent transfer agreements between the authors and the State Historical Society. The Book Notes folders deal primarily with shipping information and any accompanying correspondence. There are also short, paragraph-length abstracts of various articles that deal with Kansas, the American West, or both.

Subject Files : Training Manuals describes the “Our Recent Past : 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s” exhibit case in the Kansas Museum of History; the manual describes various artifacts and how to interpret them for the intended audience. “Lucy goes to Oregon” is a fictional story of a girl’s travels on the Oregon Trail and is intended for younger museum visitors.

The folders of Training Materials within the Subject Files : Training Manuals give instruction to students on various subjects. These include: Native Americans, the military, agriculture, domestic life, and children. There is some text, and illustrations or photographs, of an object or subject. For example, there are pictures of irons, and pictures of newspaper ads dealing with irons and their use in the history of Kansas. Interpreters’ manuals, child centered learning, and development as well as local history dates are included in the folders.

The Evaluations portion of the Traveling Trunk Files consists of response forms used to determine how the society did in meeting the expectations of its users. Questions include: What trunk did you borrow?, How many people used the trunk?, and What did they enjoy most and least?.

The Inquiries folder has correspondence that deals with requests for brochures, tapes, or trunks. It also has comments, criticisms and compliments noted in the various letters sent and received.

Contents List

Organization of the Collection

This section describes the order in which the collection’s elements have been placed.

Subgroup (no. 3); Organized into topical series.

Contents: Subject files, 1993 – 1997 – Traveling trunk files, fiscal years 1985 - 1997.

Detailed Description

Archival records are typically organized by series, a group of records that has a common element or function and a distinct organizational structure of its own, for example Correspondence Files, arranged chronologically, or Registers of Military Enlistments, arranged by regiment. Within series, records may be further organized by subseries, such as Letters Received within the series Correspondence Files; or arranged into volumes; folders; or items. Groups of series from the same office or other organizational element may form a subgroup, a portion of a larger record group or collection, such as the subgroup 1979 – 87 (John Carlin) as a part of State Archives record group 252, Records of the Office of the Governor. Subgroups may be further divided into sub - subgroups — such as Gov. Carlin’s Constituent Services Records — sub - sub - subgroups, etc.

Entry numbers refer to the agency’s records retention/disposition schedule.

Subject Files
(entry 0195-288)

Authors and editors, Book notes and reviews

Accession Number/Box List

288-03.01.01 104-09-06-01 Spring 1993 - Book Notes
288-03.01.02 104-09-06-01 Spring 1993 - Book Reviews
288-03.01.03 104-09-06-01 Spring 1993 - Brodhead, Michael J. "Visions of a
    Better World, Comparisons of Kansas Jurists,
    David J. Brewer and Frank Doster"
288-03.01.04 104-09-06-01 Spring 1993 - Cecil-Frosnan, Bill "Death to All
    Yankees and Traitors in Kansas, The Squatter
    Sovereign and the Defense of Slavery in Kansas"
288-03.01.05 104-09-06-01 Spring 1993 - Haywood, C. Robert "Populist
    Humor, The Fame of their own Effigy"
288-03.01.06 104-09-06-01 Spring 1993 - Higgins, Cindy "Kansas Breweries, 1854 - 1911"
288-03.01.07 104-09-06-01 Spring 1993 - Inside Front Cover
288-03.01.08 104-09-06-01 Spring 1993 - Miller, Worth Robert "A Centennial
    Historiography of American Populism"
288-03.01.09 104-09-06-01 Spring 1993 - Valentine, Les "Boosting Omaha the
    Market Town, the 1906 Trade Excursion
    across Northern Kansas"
288-003.01.10 104-09-06-01 Summer 1993 - Book Reviews
288-003.01.11 104-09-06-01 Summer 1993 - Baldridge, Gary "Pottawatomie
    County says No to Prairie Preservation"
288-003.01.12 104-09-06-01 Summer 1993 - Carney, J. E. "The Freudians come
    to Kansas, Menninger, Freud, and The Émigré Psychoanalysts"
288-003.01.13 104-09-06-01 Summer 1993 - Clapsaddle, David K. "Conflict and Commerce
    on the Santa Fe Trail, the Fort Riley - Fort
    Larned Road, 1860 - 1867"
288-003.01.14 104-09-06-01 Summer 1993 - Douglas, Donald M. "Forgotten Zions,
    Jewish Agricultural Colonies in Kansas in the 1880s"
288-003.01.15 104-09-06-01 Summer 1993 - Pierson, Michael D. "A War of
    Extermination, a newly uncovered letter by Julia
    Louisa Lovejoy, 1856"
288-003.01.16 104-09-06-01 Autumn 1993 - Book Notes
288-003.01.17 104-09-06-01 Autumn 1993 - Book Reviews
288-003.01.18 104-09-06-01 Autumn 1993 - Davis, Gayle R. "The Diary as
    Historical Puzzle, Seeking the Author behind the Words"
288-003.01.19 104-09-06-01 Autumn 1993 - Hatcher III, Richard W. and Piston,
    William Garrett (editors) "Kansans go to War, The
    Wilson's Creek Campaign as reported by the
    Leavenworth Daily Times, Part 1"
288-03.01.20 104-09-06-01 Autumn 1993 - Miner, Craig "Here Today, Here
    Tomorrow, G-K Farms in the Dust Bowl Years,
    Thomas County, Kansas"
288-003.01.21 104-09-06-01 Autumn 1993 - SenGupta, Gunja "Servants for
    Freedom, Christian Abolitionists in Territorial
    Kansas, 1854 - 1858"
288-003.01.22 104-09-06-01 Winter 1993 - Book Notes
288-003.01.23 104-09-06-01 Winter 1993 - Book Reviews
288-003.01.24 104-09-06-01 Winter 1993 - Black, Brian "Mastering the Kaw, The
    Bowersock Dam and the Development of Lawrence Industry"
288-003.01.25 104-09-06-01 Winter 1993 - Grant, H. Roger (editor) "In
    the Land of My Dreams, The Reminiscences of
    Graydon Horath, a Farm Laborer in Kansas"
288-003.01.26 104-09-06-01 Winter 1993 - Hatcher III, Richard W. and Piston,
    William Garrett (editors) "Kansans go to War,
    The Wilson's Creek Campaign as reported by the
    Leavenworth Daily Times, Part 2"
288-03.01.27 104-09-06-01 Winter 1993 - Socolofsky, Homer "The Bitter Sweet
    Tale of Sorghum Sugar"
288-03.02.01 104-09-06-02 Spring 1994 - Book Notes
288-03.02.02 104-09-06-02 Spring 1994 - Book Reviews
288-03.02.03 104-09-06-02 Spring 1994 - Dean, Virgil W. "Another Wichita
    Seditionist: Elmer J. Garner, Publicity, and Radical
    Right Wing Opposition to World War II"
288-03.02.04 104-09-06-02 Spring 1994 - Introduction
288-03.02.05 104-09-06-02 Spring 1994 - Johnson, Judith R. "The Wages of
    Opportunity, Women Aircraft Workers in Wichita
    during World War II"
288-03.02.06 104-09-06-02 Spring 1994 - McCusker, Kristine M. "The Forgotten
    Years, of America's Civil Rights Movement: War Time
    Protests at the University of Kansas, 1939 - 1945"
288-03.02.07 104-09-06-02 Spring 1994 - O'Brien, Patrick G. "Kansas at War: The
    Home Front, 1941 - 1945"
288-03.02.08 104-09-06-02 Summer 1994 - Armitage, Katie H. "The Public and
    Private Lives of Fannie B. and James C. Horton in 1874"
288-003.02.09 104-09-06-02 Summer 1994 - Book Notes
288-003.02.10 104-09-06-02 Summer 1994 - Book Reviews
288-003.02.11 104-09-06-02 Summer 1994 - Lovett, Christopher C. "The National
    Emergency of 1940 - 1941, Mobilization of the Thirty
    Fifth Infantry Division and the Kansas National Guard"
288-003.02.12 104-09-06-02 Summer 1994 - Paddock, Joel "Conservative Democratic
    Politics in a Republican State: The Gubernatorial Campaigns
    of Robert Docking, 1966 - 1972"
288-003.02.13 104-09-06-02 Summer 1994 - Saul, Norman E. "Through Curious and
    Foreign Eyes: Grigorii Machtet Chronicles the Kansas
    Frontier, 1872 - 1873"
288-003.02.14 104-09-06-02 Autumn 1994 - Agran, Edward Gale "William Allen
    White's Small Town America: A Literary Prescription
    for Progressive Reform"
288-003.02.15 104-09-06-02 Autumn 1994 - Book Notes
288-003.02.16 104-09-06-02 Autumn 1994 - Book Reviews
288-03.02.17 104-09-06-02 Autumn 1994 - Peterson, John M. "Forgotten Kansas
    Artist: Adam Rohe"
288-003.02.18 104-09-06-02 Autumn 1994 - Pohly, Linda L. "Welsh Choral Music
    in Nineteenth Century Kansas"
288-003.02.19 104-09-06-02 Autumn 1994 - Sculle, Keith A. "The New Carlisle of the
    West: Haskell Institute and Big Time Sports, 1920 - 1932"
288-03.02.20 104-09-06-02 Autumn 1994 - Warren, Stephen A. "The Baptists The
    Methodists, and the Shawnees: Conflicting Cultures in
    Indian Territory, 1833 - 1834"
288-003.02.21 104-09-06-02 Winter 1994 - Bennett, Lyn Ellen "Reassessing Western
    liberality: Divorce in Douglas County, Kansas, 1867 - 1876"
288-03.02.22 104-09-06-02 Winter 1994 - Book Notes
288-03.02.23 104-09-06-02 Winter 1994 - Book Reviews
288-03.02.24 104-09-06-02 Winter 1994 - Index
288-03.02.25 104-09-06-02 Winter 1994 - Inside Front Covers
288-03.02.26 104-09-06-02 Winter 1994 - King, Charles R. "Physician to Body and
    Soul: Jotham Meeker - - Kansas Missionary"
288-03.02.27 104-09-06-02 Winter 1994 - Leiker, James "Voices from a Disease
    Frontier: Kansans and Cholera, 1867"
288-003.02.28 104-09-06-02 Winter 1994 - Miner, Craig "Civilizing Kansas"
288-03.02.29 104-09-06-02 Spring 1995 - Book Notes / Book Reviews
288-03.02.30 104-09-06-02 Spring 1995 - Brackman, Barbara "Legend Posing as
    History: Hyer, Justin, and the Origin of the Cowboy Boot"
288-003.02.31 104-09-06-02 Spring 1995 - Gunn, Virginia "Industrialists not
    Butterflies: Women's Higher Education at Kansas
    State Agricultural College, 1873-1882"
288-03.02.32 104-09-06-02 Spring 1995 - Juhnke, James C. "Edmund G. Kaufman,
    Peace College President in Wartime"
288-03.02.33 104-09-06-02 Spring 1995 - Quastler, I. E. "Charting a Course:
    Lawrence, Kansas, and its Railroad Strategy, 1854 - 1872"
288-03.03.01 104-09-06-03 Summer 1995 - Book Notes / Book Reviews
288-03.03.02 104-09-06-03 Summer 1995 - Hazlett, O. James "Cattle Marketing
    in the American Southwest: the Rise of the Kansas City
    Commission Merchant in the Nineteenth Century"
288-03.03.03 104-09-06-03 Summer 1995 - McInnes, Robert A. "I spent almost Two
    Years in the Insane Asylum"
288-03.03.04 104-09-06-03 Summer 1995 - Thierer, Joyce "Queen of the Kansas
    Prairies: Butler County's Kafir Corn Carnivals"
288- 03.03.05 104-09-06-03 Summer 1995 - Watts, Dale "How Bloody was Bleeding
    Kansas? Political Killings in Kansas Territory, 1855 - 1860"
288-03.03.06 104-09-06-03 Autumn 1995 - Book Notes / Book Reviews
288-03.03.07 104-09-06-03 Autumn 1995 - Cornish, Dudley T. "It all began at 10th
    and Jackson"
288-03.03.08 104-09-06-03 Autumn 1995 - Dean, Virgil "Preserving the Cultural
    Resources of Kansas, A Brief History of the Kansas
    State Historical Society"
288-03.03.09 104-09-06-03 Autumn 1995 - Hope Jr., Clifford R. "Memories of the Memorial Building"
288-03.03.10 104-09-06-03 Autumn 1995 - Michaelis, Patricia “Write on Time! Trends in the Kansas State
    Historical Society’s Publications”
288-003.03.11 104-09-06-03 Autumn 1995 - Prosser, Dan “Foundations of Our Past:
    The Architecture of the Memorial Building”
288-003.03.12 104-09-06-03 Autumn 1995 - Richmond, Robert W. “This Grand Structure:
    Remembering the Memorial Building”
288-003.03.13 104-09-06-03 Autumn 1995 - Socolofsky, Homer E. “Beginning One
    Childhood Summer: a Reminiscence”
288-003.03.14 104-09-06-03 Autumn 1995 - Snell, Joseph W. “It was my Good Fortune: a Memoir”
288-003.03.15 104-09-06-03 Winter 1995 - Book Notes / Book Reviews
288-003.03.16 104-09-06-03 Winter 1995 - Bowman, Larry G. “I Think it is Pretty
    Ritzy myself: Kansas Minor League Teams and Night Baseball”
288-03.03.17 104-09-06-03 Winter 1995 - Rogers, Richard D. “A Story of Brave Kansans:
    Presidential Address”
288-003.03.18 104-09-06-03 Winter 1995 - Sutter, Paul S. “Paved with Good Intentions:
    Good Roads, the Automobile, and the Rhetoric of Rural
    Improvement in the Kansas Farmer, 1890-1914”
288-003.03.19 104-09-06-03 Winter 1995 - Tidwell, John Edgar “Frank Marshall Davis: Ad Astra, Per Aspera”
288-03.03.20 104-09-06-03 Winter 1995 - Tucker, Susan B. and Katz, Milton S. “Ester Brown, A Pioneer in
    Civil Rights: the South Park Desegregation Case of 1948”
288-003.03.21 104-09-06-03 Spring 1996 - Baker, T. Lindsay “Blowin’ in the Wind:
    Windmill Manufacturing and Distribution in Kansas”
288-03.03.22 104-09-06-03 Spring 1996 - Book Reviews
288-03.03.23 104-09-06-03 Spring 1996 - Dobak, William A. “One of the Nastiest
    Rivers that I know of: Municipal and Rural Sanitation in Nineteenth-Century Kansas”
288-03.03.24 104-09-06-03 Spring 1996 - Domer, Dennis “Water in Willow Springs Township”
288-03.03.25 104-09-06-03 Spring 1996 - Irvine, Robert "The Waterscape and the
    Law: Adopting Prior Appropriation in Kansas"
288-03.03.26 104-09-06-03 Spring 1996 - Marvin, Anne M. "A Grave Yard of Hopes:
    Irrigation and Boosterism in Southwest Kansas, 1880-1890"
288-03.03.27 104-09-06-03 Spring 1996 - Sherow, James E. "On the Rim of the
    Desert's Heart, Kansas and Water"
288-03.03.28 104-09-06-03 Summer 1996 - Book Reviews
288-03.03.29 104-09-06-03 Summer 1996 - Entz, Gary R. "Image and Reality on the
    Kansas Prairie: Pap Singleton's Cherokee County Colony"
288-03.03.30 104-09-06-03 Summer 1996 - Hulston, Nancy J. "Our Schools mus
    t be open to all Classes of Citizens: The Desegregation
    of the University of Kansas School of Medicine"
288-003.03.31 104-09-06-03 Summer 1996 - Hurt, R. Douglas "Gaining Control of
    the Environment: The Morton County Land Utilization
    Project in the Kansas Dust Bowl"
288-03.03.32 104-09-06-03 Summer 1996 - O'Brien, Patrick G. "I Want Everyone
    to Know the Shame of the State: Henry J. Allen Confronts
    the Ku Klux Klan, 1921-1923"
288-03.03.33 104-09-06-03 Summer 1996 - West, Elliott "A Story of Three Families"
288-03.04.01 104-09-06-04 Autumn 1996 - Book Reviews
288-03.04.02 104-09-06-04 Autumn 1996 - Colbert, Thomas Burnell "A Most Original
    Thinker: James C. Malin on History and Technology"
288-03.04.03 104-09-06-04 Autumn 1996 - Fisher, Glenn W. "The Worst Tax in the
    Civilized World?: Property Tax Reform and the Kansas
    Tax Commission"
288-03.04.04 104-09-06-04 Autumn 1996 - Isern, Thomas D. "Working the Bugs Out
    of the System: Folk Entomology in the Flint Hills of Kansas"
288-03.04.05 104-09-06-04 Autumn 1996 - Jaderborg, Jana M. and Martin, Sherri
    Garcia "From Country Doc to Pioneer Surgeon: Profile o
    f A. C. Johnson, D. O."
288-03.04.06 104-09-06-04 Winter 1996 - Book Notes / Book Reviews
288-03.04.07 104-09-06-04 Winter 1996 - Chavez, Thomas E. "Introduction"
288-03.04.08 104-09-06-04 Winter 1996 - Evans, Sterling "Eastward Ho ! The
    Mexican Freighting and Commerce Experience
    along the Santa Fe Trail"
288-03.04.09 104-09-06-04 Winter 1996 - Myers, Harry C. "Banditti on the Santa
    Fe Trail: The Texan Raid of 1843"
288-03.04.10 104-09-06-04 Winter 1996 - Olsen, Michael L. "Old Ruts and New:
    The History of Santa Fe Trail History"
288-003.04.11 104-09-06-04 Winter 1996 - Oliva, Leo E. "A Faithful Account of Everything:
    Letters from Katie Bowen on the Santa Fe Trail, 1851"
288-003.04.12 104-09-06-04 Spring 1997 - Avila, Henry J. "Immigration and
    Integration: The Mexican American Community in
    Garden City, Kansas, 1900-1950"
288-003.04.13 104-09-06-04 Spring 1997 - Berneking, Carolyn Bailey "E. H. S. Bailey,
    the State Laboratory, and the State Board of Health During
    the Progressive Era"
288-003.04.14 104-09-06-04 Spring 1997 - Book Reviews
288-003.04.15 104-09-06-04 Spring 1997 - Patrick, Jeffrey L. "This Regiment will make
    a Mark: Letters from a member of Jennison's
    Jayhawkers, 1861-1862"
288-003.04.16 104-09-06-04 Summer 1997 - Book Reviews
288-03.04.17 104-09-06-04 Summer 1997 - Cecil-Fronsman, Bill "Advocate the
    Freedom of White Men, as well as that of the Negroes:
    The Kansas Free State and Antislavery Westerners
    in Territorial Kansas"
288-003.04.18 104-09-06-04 Summer 1997 - Charlton, John "Westward the Course of
    Empire takes it way: Alexander Gardner's 1867 Across
    the Continent on the Union Pacific Railway, Eastern Division"
288-003.04.19 104-09-06-04 Summer 1997 - Pendleton, Jason "Jim Crow Strikes Out:
    Interracial Baseball in Wichita, Kansas, 1920-1935"
288-03.04.20 104-09-06-04 Summer 1997 - Peterson, John M. "From Border War t
    o Civil War: More Letters of Edward and Sarah Fitch,
    1855-1863, Part 1 and Part 2"
288-003.04.21 104-09-06-04 Autumn 1997 - Antle, Jay "Against Kansas' Top Dog:
    Coyotes, Politics and Ecology, 1877-1970"
288-03.04.22 104-09-06-04 Autumn 1997 - Book Notes / Book Reviews
288-03.04.23 104-09-06-04 Autumn 1997 - Monhollon, Rusty L. "Taking the Plunge:
    Race, Rights, and the Politics of Desegregation in
    Lawrence, Kansas, 1960"
288-03.04.24 104-09-06-04 Autumn 1997 - Sheridan, Richard B. "The Semi-Centennial
    Memorial Reunion of the Survivors of Quantrill's Raid on
    Lawrence, Kansas, August 20-21, 1913"
288-03.04.25 104-09-06-04 Autumn 1997 - Worley, William S. "A Legacy to a City:
    Kansas City Architects George Kessler, Henry Wright,
    and Sid and Herbert Hare"
288-03.05.01 104-09-06-05 Winter 1997 - Averill, Thomas Fox "Kansas Literature
    of Drought and Dust"
288-03.05.02 104-09-06-05 Winter 1997 - Book Reviews
288-03.05.03 104-09-06-05 Winter 1997 - Garner, Nancy G. "A Prayerful Public
    Protest: The Significance of Gender in the Kansas Woman's
    Crusade of 1874"
288-03.05.04 104-09-06-05 Winter 1997 - Grant, Michael J. "Food Will Win the War
    and Write the Peace: The Federal Government and
    Kansas Farmers During World War II"
288-03.02.07 104-09-06-02 Spring 1994 - O'Brien, Patrick G. "Kansas at War: The
    Home Front, 1941 - 1945"
288-03.02.08 104-09-06-02 Summer 1994 - Armitage, Katie H. "The Public and
    Private Lives of Fannie B. and James C. Horton in 1874"

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