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Kansas State Capitol - Online tour - South steps

Kansas State Capitol, south wingSecond Level

The Capitol was completed in four main phases, the east wing, the west wing, the south wing and the north wing and dome. This view looks at the south wing while it was under construction. The stairs are being worked on at this time.







German stonecuttersThese German stonecutters who worked on the limestone, carving the sections for the columns.







South wing of Capitol, 1910This view looks toward the south wing of the Capitol in 1910.  There is an unknown woman sitting on a bench outside the capitol.  There are many stately trees lining the walkway.







Kansas State Capitol, south stepsIf you step out on the south steps you will find two plaques commemorating historic events. From this location in 1928 Charles Curtis accepted the Republican vice-presidential nomination and in 1936 Governor Alfred M. Landon became the Republican Party candidate for president. This view looks toward the south steps of the Capitol at night.  The south wing eventually became the entrance to the capitol,the "front porch," as the city grew up south of the building.  The current renovation is returning to the north as the main entrance to the Capitol.