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Nomination Review Process

Whether prepared by private citizens or by consultants, most nominations go through at least two drafts before consideration by the Historic Sites Board of Review (HSBR) at one of its meetings. It takes an average of 12-18 months to complete the nomination process. State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) staff will provide written comments and a marked copy of the nomination to the preparer.

All nominations will go through two types of reviews: technical and substantive.

  • First, a technical review will determine if all items are complete and correct, and if all attachments and supplemental information are included and properly formatted. Once a nomination passes the technical review, SHPO staff will inform the preparer and move the nomination forward.
  • Second, a substantive review is conducted, which evaluates the documentation and context provided for each nomination. Once SHPO staff have determined the nomination adequately meets the documentation standards, staff will schedule the nomination for a Historic Sites Board of Review meeting.

Before our office will schedule a nomination for a Review Board meeting, the following requirements must be met: 


  1. A Kansas Historic Resource Inventory record has been updated.
  2. An initial draft has passed the technical review and incorporated requested revisions.
  3. A draft nomination has passed the substantive review, SHPO has informed the preparer of any minor changes.
  4. The SHPO has enough time to meet the legal noticing requirements. 


Meeting Schedule
Nominations of Kansas properties to the National Register of Historic Places and/or the Register of Historic Kansas Places may be submitted for review by SHPO staff at any time throughout the year. Every nomination must go before the Historic Sites Board of Review to be officially listed to either Register.

Only complete, properly documented nominations will go before the Board. The SHPO staff will notify you once the requirements above have been met. 

Scheduling nominations for an agenda is based on priorities, workload, and federal/state noticing requirements. There is no guaranteed date unless the SHPO staff has sent you a letter with the meeting date. 

Deadlines are continuous throughout the year. Please call the SHPO office to discuss a timeline for review of your nomination. Contact us at 785-272-8681 ext. 240 or kshs.register@ks.gov

Upcoming Meetings:

November 4, 2023 

February 3, 2024

June 1, 2024

October 5, 2024