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Preserving Paper and Digital Records

Works on paper
Photographs and Audio-Visual Materials
Preserving Digital Materials
Online Guides to Document Preservation
Preservation Supplies

Books, Newspapers and Manuscripts

Care, Handling And Storage of Books, Library of Congress.

Preservation Cleaning of Books and Works on Paper,  British Library. 

Guide To Preservation Matting And Framing Library of Congress.

Preservation Photocopying, Library of Congress.

Preserving Newspapers, Library of Congress.

Preserving Works On Paper: Manuscripts, Drawings, Prints, Posters, Maps, Documents, Library of Congress.

Protection From Light Damage, Northeast Document Conservation Center.

Storage Enclosures For Books And Artifacts on Paper, Northeast Document Conservation Center.

Temperature, Relative Humidity, Light And Air Quality: Basic Guidelines for Preservation, Northeast Document Conservation Center.

Historic Photographs and Audio-Visual Materials

Caring For Your Photographs American Institute for Conservation.

Storage Enclosures For Photographic Materials Northeast Document Conservation Center.

Types of Photographs Northeast Document Conservation Center.

Preservation Guidelines for Mounting and Framing, Library of Congress.

Cylinder, Disc and Tape Care In A Nutshell Library of Congress.

Preservation of Audio Materials Conservation OnLine.

Care, Handling and Storage of Motion Picture Film Library of Congress.

Caring For Your Home Videotape American Institute for Conservation.