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Socialist newspapers in Kansas

Photograph showing a dock with bundles of newspaper, Appeal to Reason, ready for mailing. This bibliography lists socialist and Socialist Party newspapers published in Kansas. This document is by no means meant to be comprehensive or authoritative; it simply is a listing of all socialist newspapers that are in the collections of the Kansas Historical Society. All papers listed herein have been microfilmed. In most cases the bibliographic information contained was taken directly from catalog cards.

There has been some secondary scholarship on The Appeal to Reason, the national organ of the Socialist Party (published in Girard by Julius A. Wayland and later Emanuel Haldeman-Julius). An outstanding work on this newspaper, American Socialism and the newspaper industry is Elliot Shore's Talkin Socialism: J.A. Wayland and the Role of the Press in American Radicalism, 1890-1912 (Lawrence: University of Kansas Press, 1988).

Photograph of  attendees of Kansas State Socialist Convention in Wichita, 1915Archival material in Kansas on socialism is rather scant, although there is some material in the State Archives and the manuscripts collections. The Kansas State Historical Society does have some pamphlets and library materials on socialism, including a collection of the Little Blue Books, published by the Appeal to Reason.

Papers are in alphabetical order by title. The format is as follows:

Title -- City of Publication: Publisher. Inclusive dates (completeness of our holdings). Continuation information New Title -- New city of publication if different from original. KSHS Reel Number.

Advance -- Dodge City: Kramer and Joquel. 5/24/1900 - 2/28/1901 (some issues missing). Not continued. (Reel: B783).

American Freeman -- Girard: Emanual Haldeman-Julius. 4/13/1929 - 11/1951 (some issues missing). (Reels: G203-G205).

American Non-Conformist -- Girard: H.L. Vincent. 10/7/1886 - 9/3/1891 (some issues missing). Continued as American Non-Conformist and Industrial Liberator. (Reels: W2204-W2206).

Appeal to Reason -- Girard: J.A. Wayland. 8/31/1895 - 11/4/1922 (believed complete). Continued by Haldeman-Julius Weekly. (Reels: G206-G215).

Coming Nation -- Girard: J.A. Wayland and Fred D. Warren. 9/10/1910 - 4/15/1913 (some issues missing). Continuation information incomplete. (Reels: F764, G1086 & G1087).

Crusader -- Iola: Socialist Crusader Publishing Co. 3/1914 - 10/1915 (believed complete). Not continued. (Reel: I677).

Decatur County Socialist -- Oberlin: Socialist Campaign Co. 10/19/1906 - 11/1/1906 (three issues only). Not continued. (Reel: O1376).

Emporia Convincer -- Emporia: Emporia Convincer Publishing Co. 3/3/1912 - 11/2/1912 (believed complete). Not continued. (Reel: E1067).

Freedom's Banner -- Iola: Socialist Co-operative Publishing Co. 8/9/1913 - 11/21/1914 (some issues missing). Not continued. (Reel: I685).

Gaa Paa! -- Girard: E.L. Mengshoel. 12/15/1903 - 11/19/1904 (some issues missing). Continued by Folkets Rhost. * In Norwegian * (Reel: G216).

Girard News -- Girard: Black and Laughlin. 12/13/1878 - 4/3/1879 (some issues missing). Continuation information incomplete. (Reel: G1089).

Graham Gem -- Hill City: T.H. McGill. 8/6/1897 - 4.5.1901 (some issues missing). Continued by Graham County Recorder. (Reel: H979).

Gunn Powder -- Pittsburg: John Walker Gunn. 11/20/1913 - 1/22/1914 (some issues missing). Not continued. (Reel: G848).

Haldeman-Julius Weekly -- Girard: Emanuel Haldeman-Julius. 11/11/1922 - 4/6/1929 (believed complete). Not continued. (Reels: G217 & G218).

Independant News -- Girard: H.P. Button. 5/14/1896 - 8/14/1909 (some issues missing). Continued by Girard Press. (Reels: G952-G956).

Iola Co-operator -- Iola: Iola Co-operator Publishing Co. 5/11/1912 - 7/26/1913 (some issues missing). Continuation information incomplete. (Reel: I685).

Labor Herald -- Pittsburg: Sears and Leftwich. 3/3/1911 - 11/28/1913 (some issues missing). Continued by Worker's Chronicle. (Reel: P1254).

Line-Up --Kansas City: Line-Up Publishing Co. 11/15/1904 - 8/5/1905 (believed complete). Not continued. (Reel: K729).

Long Island Leader -- Long Island: J.N. Curl. 7/29/1886 - 5/27/1905 (believed complete). Continued by Long Island New Leaf. (Reels: K874 & L2586-L2590).

Morland Independant -- Moreland: Thomas H. McGill. 3/21/1901 - 2/6/1902 (some issues missing). Not continued. (Reel: F456).

National Socialist -- Girard: Fred D. Warren. 4/1914 - 11/1914 (believed complete). Not continued. (Reel: G1088).

People's Advocate -- Munden: P.J. Goerge. 5/4/1912 - 3/29/1913 (some issues missing). Not continued. (Reel: M1253).

Progressive Herald -- Lawrence: Workers Co-operative Publishing Co. 8/17/1913 - 12/31/1915 (some issues missing). Not continued. (Reel: L2692).

Prolocutor -- Syracuse: Prolocutor Publishing Co. 5/21/1909 - 8/17/1911 (believed complete). Not continued. (Reel: G777).

Shawnee County Socialist -- Topeka: Socialist Co-operative Publishing Co. 8/9/1913 - 6/27/1914 (believed complete). Not continued. (Reel: T2747).

Social Ethics -- Wichita: G. Lowthern and T.E. Will. 6/1904 - 4/1905 (some issues missing). Not continued. (Reel: E1180).

Weekly Peoples' Forum -- Lawrence: [publisher unknown]. 3/6/1919 - 5/1/1919 (some issues missing). Not continued. (Reel: L2995).

Worker's Call -- Wichita: Wichita Socialist Press Association. 4/13/1912 - 4/20/1912 (two issues only). Not continued. (Reel: C2170).

Worker's Chronicle -- Pittsburg: George D. Brewer and W. T. Sears. 2/6/1914 - 8/31/1923 (some issues missing). Continued by Independant -- Mulberry. (Reels: P1254-P1258).