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State Records Management Manual Best Practices

The Records Management Section of the Archives Division of the Kansas Historical Society developed the Kansas State Records Management Manual to encourage effective and efficient management of state government records. The manual's purpose is to provide state agencies with a convenient source of information on records management policies, procedures, practices, and services.

Kansas Statutes Annotated and Kansas Administrative Regulations describe the responsibilities of the state records board, state agencies, records officers, the state records center, and the state archives in managing the state's records. The Records Management Manual includes detailed discussions of these responsibilities as well as the text of relevant statutes and administrative regulations.

The manual was originally created in 1995; subsequent revisions to the manual are online through this URL. Current records schedules can be found here, and all electronic records guidelines are found on a separate page.

View the chapters individually using your web browser (.htm) by following one of the following links:

Agency Records Officers

State Records Board

Records Management and the Law

Records Surveys

Records Retention and Disposition Schedules

General Retention and Disposition Schedule

Agency Retention and Disposition Schedule