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Topeka directories for African American community

A portrait of the mothers of kindergarten students in a meeting at the Sheldon Kindergarten in Topeka, 1890sSome of the directories have been microfilmed and can be borrowed through interlibrary loan.

Topeka Business Directory, 1900-1901

K/910/-T62/1900-1901 (book)
LM 425 no. 1 (microfilm reel)


Oakland City Directory, 1922

LM 352 no. 6 (microfilm reel)


North Topeka City Directory, 1923

K/910/-T62n/1923 (book)


Topeka Colored Directory, 1928 and 1934

1928: Available on Kansas Memory

K/910/-T62co/1928 (book)
LM 989 no. 3 (microfilm reel)

1934: Available on Kansas Memory

K/910/-T62co/1934 (book)
LM 428 no. 4 (microfilm reel)