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Wheatland Traveling Resource Trunk

Model of John Deere combine from the Wheatland trunk.Grades kindergarten through two

Learn about wheat by grinding wheat into flour, playing a game, using puppets to retell the Little Red Hen story, examining models of farming equipment and historic photos, and more.  The Wheatland trunk presents a comprehensive unit for kindergarten through second grade classes. The information is designed to introduce young children to plant growth, wheat cultivation, Kansas history, the process by which grains become food for human consumption, and the importance of nutrition from foods made from wheat.

The emphasis is on objects associated with wheat production which the children can discover firsthand. The trunk also contains related books, work sheets, games and activities to reinforce learning.  A flour mill, the Wheatland Game, models of farming equipment, and photographs are incorporated into classroom activities.

Sampling of items from Wheatland trunk

Kansas Curricular Standards Connections

Contents of Trunk

Trunk Specifications

Weight: 42 lbs.
Dimensions: 31" x 22" x 9"
Insure for $500 when shipping


The Kansas Historical Society developed the Wheatland traveling resource trunk with funding from the Nutrition Education and Training Program/School Food Service Section/Kansas State Department of Education.

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