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Woman's Kansas Day Club



The mission of the WKDE was to develop loyalty and pride in Kansas for its past, present, and future achievements; to promote the cultural and scientific developments of Kansas, and to cooperate with the Kansas Historical society in the collection and preservation of Kansas historical records, written articles, and worthwhile projects.


The Woman's Kansas Day Club originated during a meeting of the Good Government Club in Topeka in January, 1905. The objectives put forth at that time were to instill patriotism in the young, promote good fellowship, and preserve the early history of Kansas.

Mrs. J.D. McFarland of Topeka was the first president. That year, an oil portrait of Sara Robinson, wife of the first Kansas governor, was presented to the Kansas Historical Society. The dues were 25 cents and about 400 women became charter members. The WKDC was also a charter member of the Kansas Council of Women, organized in 1911.

Contributions to Kansas Historical Society

Every year, the WKDC collected information on that year's research theme, chosen by the President. The project director and the regional directors compiled the information to be presented to a Historical Society representative at the annual meeting. The WKDC disbanded in 2018.

Past Gifts

The members of the Woman's Kansas Day Club offered many gifts to the Historical Society over the years:

  • The first automobile built by a Kansas manufacturer
  • Early Kansas parlor with period furnishings
  • Dolls wearing the style and fabric of first lady and first gentlemen inaugural clothing
  • A plate glass display case to display the silver from the Battleship Kansas
  • $8,600 towards the restoration of the Stach school house on the Historical Society grounds.