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Agency Code: 082-016 (Office of the Attorney General. Crime Victims Compensation)

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Agency Number: 082-016
Office of the Attorney General
Crime Victims Compensation

SERIES ID 0158-082 
TITLE Board Meeting Files 
DESCRIPTION Proceedings of the Crime Victims Compensation Board: includes agendas, minutes, and other documents. 
RETENTION See Comments 
COMMENTS Retain until no longer useful, then transfer to the archives for purging. 
RESTRICTIONS KSA 45-221(a)(30) 
APPROVED 2008-11-05  ; Revised 2022-07-14
K.A.R. NUMBER 53-2-157 

SERIES ID 0154-082 
TITLE Claim Files 
DESCRIPTION Records regarding claims by individuals for reparations for crimes committed against them: completed forms, correspondence, investigation reports, exhibits, affidavits, vouchers, invoices, etc. 
RETENTION 25 years 
COMMENTS Documents presented to the board for a claim in a packet or at a hearing are kept for 25 years, then destroyed. Documents not presented to the board may be destroyed when the appeal process is final. 
RESTRICTIONS KSA 45-221(a)(30); KSA 74-7308 
APPROVED 2012-07-26  ; Revised 2022-07-14
K.A.R. NUMBER 53-2-173 

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