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Agency Code: 276-008 (Kansas Department of Transportation. Division of Operations)

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Agency Number: 276-008
Kansas Department of Transportation
Division of Operations

SERIES ID 0141-276 
TITLE Contractor's Qualification Statement and Experience Questionnaire 
DESCRIPTION DOT Form 208, filed with the Director of Operations for the purpose of qualifying to bid on construction projects, providing a rating to determine the total amount of work in dollars allowable in any one or more classifications of work which the bidder may have under contract at any one time. The statement includes the following sections: A) desired class(es) of work; B) contractor's balance sheet; C) independent CPA, certificate, and permit numbers; D) affidavit of individual, co-partnership, corporation; E) contractors experience questionnaire; F) contractors certificate. 
RETENTION See comments. 
COMMENTS Originals retained for one year from the date of qualification, then scanned. Scanned version is retained for six years then destroyed. 
RESTRICTIONS Restricted per KSA 45-221(a)(12), KSA 45-221(a)(45). 
APPROVED 2012-01-19 
K.A.R. NUMBER 53-2-170 

Agency Number: 276-008
Kansas Department of Transportation
Division of Operations
Bureau of Right of Way

SERIES ID 0003-280 
TITLE Railroad Right of Way Agreements 
DESCRIPTION Deeds, leases, and correspondence related to the Department of Transportation's negotiation and acquisition of right of way privileges from railroad companies. 
RETENTION See Comments 
COMMENTS Retain hard copy until microfilmed, then destroy. Retain microfilm permanently or transfer to the archives. 
APPROVED 1993-01-14 
K.A.R. NUMBER 53-2-095 

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