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Agency Code: 276-032 (Kansas Department of Transportation. Office of Support Services)
Subagency: Facilities Management Unit

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Agency Number: 276-032
Kansas Department of Transportation
Office of Support Services
Facilities Management Unit

The Office of Support Services is part of KDOT's Division of Administration (276-003)

SERIES ID 0138-276 
TITLE Headquarters Relocation Files 
DESCRIPTION Consolidation Options Planning Studies (COPS), Capitol Area Plaza Development (CAPD) RFP's, appraisals, feasibility studies, HQ Committee meeting minutes, specifications and contract management files related to the relocation of KDOT from the Docking State Office Building to the Eisenhower State Office Building. 
RETENTION See Comments 
COMMENTS Obsolete series; transfer immediately to the State Archives for purging. 
RESTRICTIONS Portions may be restricted 
APPROVED 2011-04-28 
K.A.R. NUMBER 53-2-167 

SERIES ID 0139-276 
TITLE Headquarters Relocation Files-temp files 
DESCRIPTION Working papers, notes, and miscellaneous correspondence compiled during the KDOT Headquarters Relocation Project. 
RETENTION Retain until no longer useful; then destroy 
COMMENTS Obsolete-destroy immediately 
APPROVED 2011-04-28 
K.A.R. NUMBER 53-2-167 

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