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Agency Code: 365-003 (Kansas Public Employees Retirement System. Member Services Division)

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Agency Number: 365-003
Kansas Public Employees Retirement System
Member Services Division

SERIES ID 0059-365 
TITLE KPERS Membership Records 
DESCRIPTION Any document created or submitted to the Agency relating to the maintenance of a person's membership account with the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System. These include, but are not limited to, KPERS forms, correspondence, phone logs, and/or vital records maintained by the Agency. 
RETENTION 150 calendar years from date of last retrieval 
COMMENTS Records are stored electronically in KPERS Integrated Technology Solution database and on microfilm or microfiche. Those records that have not been accessed 150 years from the last retrieval date will be permanently purged/deleted from the system. 
RESTRICTIONS K.S.A. 74-4909(10) 
APPROVED 2014-01-23 
K.A.R. NUMBER 53-2-179 

Agency Number: 365-003
Kansas Public Employees Retirement System
Member Services Division
Member Services

SERIES ID 0025-365 
TITLE Board Statistics 
DESCRIPTION Statistical reports generated to provide membership numbers used in the compilation of the board summary report. 
RETENTION 003 fisc yrs 
COMMENTS Destroy paper, retain electronic format until no longer useful. 
APPROVED 2002-04-11 
K.A.R. NUMBER 53-2-130 

SERIES ID 0026-365 
TITLE Subject Files 
DESCRIPTION Variety of documents arranged by subject category relating to the operations of member services. 
RETENTION See Comments 
COMMENTS Retain until no longer useful, then transfer to State Archives for purging. 
RESTRICTIONS Portions may be restricted. 
APPROVED 2002-04-11 
K.A.R. NUMBER 53-2-130 

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