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Title: Letter from U.S. Indian sub agt. Missouri Tery. (Thomas Forsyth, St. Louis to Govr. Wm. Clark, St. Louis.
Date: 1813-07-20
Volume: 2 Page: 4 (Microfilm reel MS-94)
Author(s): Thomas Forsyth, U.S. sub agt. Missouri Territory;
Recipient(s): William Clark, S.I.A.St.L.;
Contents: U.S. Indian sub agent, Missouri Territory, (?) (Thomas Forsyth) St. Louis. To Govr Willm Clark, St. Louis. Report on Indians and Indian depredations as requested in Clark's letter of July 16.
Description: Copy of letter. 9p.
Comments: Covers Pottawatomies, Kickapoos, Ottawas, Chippewas, and Menominees on the Illinois river and toward Lake Michigan. Lengthy account of Indian depredations.
Title: Letter from U.S. Sub agt., Prairie du Chien(Nicholas Boilvin) To S.I.A.St.L. (William Clark)
Date: 1813-07-25
Volume: 2 Page: 13 (Microfilm reel MS-94)
Author(s): Nicholas Boilvin, U.S. sub agt, Prairie du Chien;
Recipient(s): William Clark, S.I.A.St.L;
Contents: U.S. Indian agent, Prairie du Chien (Nicholas Boilvin) St. Louis. To His Excellency Govern. William Clark. Report on public property in his possession; in Indians in his agency (Pottawatomies, Ottawas, Sioux, Crow, Sac & Fox, etc.); and on Indian depredat
Description: Copy of letter. 5p.
Comments: See American State Papers. Indian Affairs. v. 2, p.32.
Title: Journal of proceedings that took place under a commission to Genl. Wm Clark & Govr L Cass to mediate between chiefs & headmen of various tribes of Indians
Date: 1825-06-20
Volume: 2 Page: 148 (Microfilm reel MS-94)
Author(s): T. Biddle, Secy. to Commrs.;
Contents: U.S. Commissioners to treat with Sioux and other Indian tribes(Genl. Wm. Clark and Govr. L. Cass) Journal of the proceedings that took place under a commission to Genl Wm Clark & Govr L. Cass, to treat with and mediate between, the chiefs, head men &other representatives of the Sioux,Sac,Fox,Iowa,Chippewa, Menomie,Winnebago, & Pottawatomi, Ottawa & Chippeway of the Illinois bands of Indians to be assembled at Prairie du Chien, Aug. 1825.
Description: Copy of document. 22p.
Comments: Signed: T. Biddle, Secy to Commrs.
Title: Letter
Date: 1830-09-15
Volume: 4 Page: 163 (Microfilm reel MS-94)
Author(s): Wm. Clark, S.I.A.St.L;
Recipient(s): Hon. Sctry. War.;
Contents: U.S. Supt. of Ind. Aff., St. Louis (Wm. Clark) To Hon. Sctry. War. Encloses address and complaints of Pottawatomies and Ottawas. States facts regarding the sale of their lands; the various treaty agreements. Recommends assistance in moving the tribes and payment of annuities, etc. The Indians of sub agent Peter Menard's agency number between 500 and 556.
Description: Copy of letter. 4p.

Title: Letter
Date: 1830-11-12
Volume: 6 Page: 57 (Microfilm reel MS-95)
Author(s): Peter Menard, Jr., U.S. Ind. sub-agent, Peoria;
Recipient(s): William Clark, S.I.A., St. Louis;
Contents: U.S. Ind. sub-agent, Peoria (Peter Menard, Jr.) To Genl. Wm. Clark. Report on Indians in his sub agency; discusses treaty of 1828, and money due Ottawa, Chippeways, & Pottawatomies.
Description: Copy of letter. 3p.
Comments: See P. 75 for this report as forwarded to the Dept. Publ. in Ser. 245, pp. 191-192.
Title: Letter
Date: 1831-08-11
Volume: 4 Page: 246 (Microfilm reel MS-94)
Author(s): Wm. Clark, S.I.A.St.L.;
Recipient(s): Hon. Sctry of War.;
Contents: U.S. Supt. Ind. Aff., St. Louis (Wm. Clark) To Hon. Sctry of War. Enclosed copy J. P. Menard Jnr.'s letter for Illinois River tribes with "talks" of an Ottawa and a Pottawatomie chief; explains their situation; recommends action be taken.
Description: Copy of letter. 2p.
Comments: Publ. in Ser 245, p. 556. "Talks", on pp. 557 & 558.
Title: Letter
Date: 1831-08-12
Volume: 4 Page: 247 (Microfilm reel MS-94)
Author(s): Wm. Clark, S.I.A.St.L.;
Recipient(s): Hon. Sctry. of War.;
Contents: U.S. Supt. Ind. Aff., St. Louis (Wm. Clark) To the Hon. Sctry. of War. Reports on the causes of the recent Indian disturbances involving the Sacs, Foxes, Winnebagoes, Pottawatomies, Kickapoos and others.
Description: Copy of letter. 8p.
Comments: Answer to Sec. of War's request in his letter of July 23rd.
Title: Letter
Date: 1831-09-18
Volume: 4 Page: 275 (Microfilm reel MS-94)
Author(s): Wm. Clark, S.I.A.St.L.;
Recipient(s): Saml. S. Hamilton, Esqr., Ind. Dept.;
Contents: U.S. Supt. Ind. Aff., St. Louis (Wm. Clark) To Saml S. Hamilton, Esqr., Ind. Dept. Concerning grievances of Ottaways, Puttawattomies, & Chippeways of Illinois River; has instructed the sub agent, Mr. Menard, to bring principal men of the bands to St. Louis for a talk; has addressed a Talk to their chiefs urging immediate removal.
Description: Copy of letter. 3p.

Title: Letter
Date: 1831-12-12
Volume: 4 Page: 314 (Microfilm reel MS-94)
Author(s): Wm. Clark, S.I.A.St.L.;
Recipient(s): Hon. L. Cass, Sctry War;
Contents: U.S. Supt. Ind. Affs., St. Louis (Wm. Clark) To Hon L. Cass., Sctry War. Expresses views on the assistance required by the Pottawatomies & Ottawas of Illinois River who plan to move to Rock River in Spring of 1832.
Description: Copy of letter. 2p.
Comments: Publ in Ser. 245, pp. 701-702 together with related papers on pp. 702-705.
Title: Articles of agreement among numerous tribes of Indians
Date: 1833-11-12
Volume: 1 Page: 66 (Microfilm reel MS-94)
Author(s): Delaware Indians; Iowa Indians; Kansas Indians; Kaskaskia Indians; Kickapoo Indians; Omaha Indians; Otoe Indians; Ottawa Indians; Pawnee Indians; Peoria Indians; Piankeshaw Indians; Pottawatomie Indians; Shawnee Indians; Wea Indians;
Contents: Articles of agreement among the Delawares, Pawnees, Shawnees, Kansas, Iowas, Otoes, Omahas, Kickapoos, Weas, Peorias, Piankeshaws, Kaskaskias, Ottawas and Pottawatomies at Fort Leavenworth.
Description: Copy of document. 4 pgs.
Comments: Compare with Govt. Serial 247, pp. 727-732; and with Govt. Serial 263, Report No. 474, pp. 105-112.
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